Sailor Moon Crystal (Season 4 Officially Confirmed)

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Re: Sailor Moon Crystal (Season 4 Officially Confirmed)

Postby FiaSpice » 02 Mar 2017, 16:01

I checked ou all the name in the site and wow it's cringy. I don't feel like I missed out
Bunny Rivière (Usagi) - That's Bunny "River"
Molly (Ami) - in the manga she's Amy
Raya (Rei)
Marcy Morane (Makoto) - in the manga she's Mako
Mathilda (Minako) - in the manga she's Minako
Camille (Chibiusa) - in the manga she's Mini Bunny
Bourdu :puke: (Mamoru) - in the manga he's Mamoru
Frédérique (Haurka)
Mylène (Michiru)
Olivia (Hotaru)
Sylvana (Setsuna) - in the manga she's Sévérine
Nanou (Naru) - in the manga she's Naru
Marc (Umino) - in the manga he's Umino
Tommy (Motoki) - in the manga he's Motoki
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