Sugababes 3.0 Singles Survivor [Results]

Seven hours since you posted away, eleven coffees, Sugababes on play...
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Re: Sugababes 3.0 Singles Survivor [Results]

Postby Tiger » 14 Dec 2011, 15:32

I think that the top 3 are well deserved.

Dont mind the ranking (apart from No Can Do coming so high) Made me remember how much i enjoyed the 3.0 era.
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Re: Sugababes 3.0 Singles Survivor [Results]

Postby VideoGameSpice » 16 Dec 2011, 03:07

Wow I am surprised that get Sexy is so popular. It's one of my least favourite singles from them, for the unoriginality and the "oh look at me I'm a ho", might as well add an extra verse that goes "when I'm sitting on the loo they say hey sexy."

I enjoyed the 3.0 era a lot less than 2.0.

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