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Postby Dennis » 26 May 2007, 17:17

DenDen Forums Rules

Welcome to DenDen. We want to be fun and on the safe side legally, that's why everyone has to abide the following rules. If you don't understand them, ask someone to explain it to you. If you break the rules because you didn't understand, you still have to face the consequences (which are warnings and bans). Generally, warnings expire after 6 months, 3 warnings in that time-span automatically result in a ban. The team reserves the right to decide whether to make warnings last longer or shorter or ban people without 2 previous warnings.

1. Freedom of speech applies, but has its limits. Usage of swearwords is fine - so long as they're not used aggressively against other members. Be respectful to one another. Racist, xenophobic, homophobic and slanderous remarks are unacceptable and can lead to a warning or ban. All topics and posts are to be made in English, continuous use of other languages will lead to a warning or ban.

2. Copyrighted material. You may not post or request copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner. For example, anything that's been released on CD or DVD, or recorded in a recording studio, is typically not permitted to be posted freely on the internet, so anyone found posting or requesting such things faces a warning and/or ban (this includes links to other websites that hold the copyrighted files)

There's a few "grey" areas, for example with concert bootlegs which are often authorized by the artist, so we don't generally forbid them, it's your job to find out whether it's ok or not; you are always responsible for what you post, and when authorities ask, we'll happily hand over your IP-address and every other information we have to identify you. We won't take the blame when you mess up!

Certain people and companies have asked us to take care none of our members break their copyright, so please refrain from posting the following:

* The Official UK Charts Company: midweeks
* any of the media on their website
* any of their concert pictures
* any articles or interviews
* Hearst Corporation: pictures from Harper's Bazaar and their cocktail parties
* Pavel Novotny (aka Max Orloff, Jan Dvorak, Jakub Moltin or Jaroslav): any private pictures originally posted on his website
* The Beckhams: any pictures of their kids.
* No pictures from the Yorkshire News (Mel B filming "On The Breadline" in Leeds)
* No pictures owned by Coty Beauty Inc. (David & Victoria Behind the Scenes at perfume photoshoot)

In case you post interviews, pictures, videos or other content directly copied from another website please also make sure you credit where necessary and only post those things you are allowed to. If in doubt, post a link to the original site rather than posting the content directly!

The law requires us to make sure no minors have access to pornography, so anyone found posting or requesting pornographic images, videos, text or links to websites that contain them, or links to websites that hold links to pornography, faces a warning or ban. This includes websites that have "normal" content but pornographic advertisement.

3. No spamming/trashing. Post topics in the appropriate forums as much as possible, don't bump a shitload of old topics, don't reply constantly with 1-word-replies - you get the picture. The use of alias account (a false or second account to conceal one's original identity on the board) is also considered trashing the forum and will result in a ban of the alias account and a warning counting towards the original user account. Please make sure you read the "Behaviour on the forums - The roots of DenDen"-post for more information on what we consider trashing.

4. Keep your signature in size. Nobody wants to scroll several pages just to get to the next post. Therefore we decided on the following size-limit for signatures which has to be followed by EVERY member:

Maximum total width: 500 pixels, Maximum total height: 300 pixels, Maximum total file size: 100 KB (102400 bytes).

This means ALL of your images and text together may not exceed that limit. Below is a sample graphic of how big your signature can be - if it looks bigger than that, PLEASE CHANGE IT. If you wanna know exactly how big it is, right-click on the image of your signature and select "properties" - there it gives you the size of the image and file-size. If you have more than 1 picture, please add up the sizes to find out your total size! When a moderator or even a fellow member PMs you about your signature - DON'T IGNORE IT! When your signature gets changed to a "your signature is too big"-graphic - DON'T JUST CHANGE IT BACK TO HOW IT WAS! After you signature got replaced 3 times, we will remove it forever. As in YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK! Here's an example graphic of how big your signature can be:


Signatures and profiles may not contain commercial banners, links or other graphics/commercial text. Certain advertisers demand to be the only advertisement shown on a particular site, so to avoid to have two or more banners on the page, we can't allow promotion for commercial purposes.Links to your personal or charity websites are of course still fine in your signature, however links to sites with a commercial purpose can not be accepted.

Also, to keep DenDen "work-safe", keep signatures PG-13.

If the signature was removed permanently, it is not allowed to include a signature-like graphic within the actual post. People found doing so will have their ability to include pictures in posts removed for 2 weeks, and if done so afterwards, permanently. You will only be notified by a team-member once before we take such action.

And now for some more legal things, the DISCLAIMER:
We store some information about you on DenDen. Along with every post you make, we store your IP-address which theoretically allows to find out your identity when authorities enquire about that at your ISP. If you don't want that happening, find out what to do about it!

We also store the email-address you provide and use it to send out emails to you, such as a new password, notifications for topic replies & private messages, and whatever else you might have requested. We require every user to have a working email-address. If you enter a wrong email-address, you won't be able to access your account any longer. We store the last time you logged on to DenDen, the number of posts you made, your sign-up date, and everything you provided yourself through your profile. We also store comments about you that allow us to help moderation, such as your previous usernames, your previous warnings and other offences.

The personal data that has been saved after registering will not be distributed to any third parties nor will it be used for spamming of any kind. You do NOT have to share any personal data with us and can even chose to make your email-address invisible for public display. Every personal information we ask for (such as name, location, age, gender, homepage-address, ICQ-number etc) is solely to make communication among the users easier - we do NOT use it to create marketing-profiles, nor will we give away the data to third parties. Please note that all information you enter CAN be viewed by everyone accessing your profile on the website and we are not responsible for any abuse that is done with the information you shared. Furthermore, if you don't want any personal information to remain on our servers, it is your duty to delete them yourself from your profile and posts. We will NOT delete any posts you make on request. You can remove all personal information yourself and then all that's left is your posts and username. Accounts are deleted by emailing from the email address that is linked with your account, stating your username and your wish to be deleted.

This forum runs in real-time mode. Please take in consideration that it's impossible for us to control the post's contents or the topics that are being discussed by our members or guests. We do not take any responsibility for the correctness or the contents of each individual post. Each author of a post is directly and solely responsible for it's contents, even though we try to monitor the forums as much as it's possible to us. We prohibit the posting of racist, copyrighted or pornographic material. If the Admin or any moderator of a forum finds any of the just mentioned topics, he/she will delete or edit the contents appropriately without any forewarning. Be aware that the owner of the forum has the right to ban individual guests/members from this forum for a specific time frame or forever.

DenDen is not responsible for the content on our advertiser's websites. Links to these are clearly marked as "ad" or "advertisement".

The webmaster as well as the author of a topic reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected.

The webmaster and authors intend not to use any copyrighted material for the publication or, if not possible, to indicatethe copyright of the respective object.

The copyright for any material created on this forum is reserved by the respective author. Any duplication or use in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's and webmaster's agreement. By posting, you are granting DenDen an unlimited license to use and display your post, also outside the forums. Posts & accounts will not be deleted on request of the author, you agree to have your chosen nickname and your posts to be displayed for as long as DenDen sees fit.

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the "DenDen Forums". If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.
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