Spice Girls Super Fan Memorabilia

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Spice Girls Super Fan Memorabilia

Postby Ektrey » 12 Feb 2017, 20:15

This EBay auction is for the ultimate Spice Girls fan or collector.


1. Five Dolls (never opened but some accessories are no longer affixed inside the box)

2. 1-VHS: Spice Girls Live at Wembley Stadium (never opened)

3. 1-VHS: Spice Girls in America: A Tour Story (never opened)

4. 1-VHS: Spice World - The Spice Girls Movie (never opened)

5. 1-VHS: Spice Girls - Girl Power Love In Istanbul (never opened)

6. 1-VHS/CD-Single Combo - VHS includes a sneak peek of "Spice: The Official Video Volume 1" / CD single is "2 Become 1" and includes non-LP song "One Of These Girls". (shrink wrapped together, never opened)

7. Spice buttons - 6 in total, spells out S-P-I-C-E and one that says "GIRL POWER" (never opened)

8. Spice Girls Official Book - Girl Power!

9. Spice Girls CD Holder containing:
• Four stickers
• Album #1: "Spice" (CD)
• Album #2: "Spiceworld" (CD)
• Single: "Wannabe" (CD)
• Single: "Say You'll Be There" (CD)
• Single: "2 Become 1" Version #1 (CD)
• Single: "2 Become 1" Version #2 (CD)
• Single: "Spice Up Your Life" / "Spice Invaders" (CD)
• Single: "Too Much" / "Outer Space Girls" (CD)
• Single: "Stop" Version #1 (CD)
• Single: "Stop" Version #2 with "Something Kind of Funny", "Mama" & "Love Thing" (Live From Istanbul) (CD)
• Single: "Goodbye" (CD)

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