Why? Who? How long? - Welcome to the cage!

Your bitching annoys everyone, so we lock you away until you sort it out.
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Why? Who? How long? - Welcome to the cage!

Postby Dennis » 09 Aug 2009, 23:39

Welcome to "The Cage".

This is the only forum you can currently post in - to make matters worse, you also have only 1 topic to post in, all in public view. The reason behind this is that your bitching against each other just annoys everyone and ruins too many perfectly fine topics. This is your chance to work something out, to make up, to make love, to call a truce - whatever it is, we won't let you out until we are convinced you cut the crap - no matter how long it takes.
Editing, deleting or reporting posts is not possible in here, however the boardrules still apply, so keep it fair.

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