OT - OMG... you won't believe this!

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Re: OT - OMG... you won't believe this!

Postby SPORTYWOOD » 02 May 2008, 04:05

I hear Wannabe yesterday
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Re: OT - OMG... you won't believe this!

Postby megzluvsmelc » 02 May 2008, 04:10

Lol I heard NBTSA on my radio just 2 yrs ago! :P
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Re: OT - OMG... you won't believe this!

Postby Anthony » 02 May 2008, 15:50

I remember hearing an advert on the radio for the Spice Girls live In Manchester i freaked out in my car, i already knew about it and had tickets for it but omg i was like woooooooooooooooooooooo haha.

Since the reunion i've heard a few songs on the radio.

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